» » New product forthcoming. Ukrainians are waiting for the new product on the market – children’s cotton wool.

21 октября 2009
We are glad to inform that well-known and widely recognized producer of bandaging materials Ariadna Co. has started the final stage of preparation for the production of the new type of product – children’s cotton wool. Novelty will be available through the drug-store chains all over Ukraine from the middle of November, 2009. Children’s cotton wool will have individual packaging 100g zig-zag. It’s very easy to handle with cotton wool when it is packed as zig-zag, you always can use it by small pieces and do not be afraid of dirty, dust or infection that you may leave on the rest (as it may occur when you use roll-packed cotton wool). All bandaging materials that are distributed under trade mark of Ariadna are always overtop standards determined for this kind of product, and this is the fact. As for the children’s cotton wool, there will be used high-quality 100% cotton wool bleached without chlorine as common, but with the extraordinary high length of the cotton wool thread. Especially for this kind of product the new packaging was designed. We hope that new product of the company will catch mommies’ as well as their kiddies’ fancy.